Saturday, February 17, 2018

First Flower Of 2018

I've been watching the buds come up all week and today one bloomed!  It's the first crocus of 2018.

I have a little list going:
2017 February 10
2016 February 16
2015 February 8
2014 February 15
2013 February 3
2012 January 30
2011 February 23
2010 March 4


  1. I always enjoy the first and last blooms of the season. Happy weekend. I no longer blog, but will check in with you this spring.

  2. Happy birthday to your blog. My March turned out better than I thought my Blooms are coming on. I like what you are doing with the front of your yard. Your spring is not as early as ours in South Arkansas I am in zone8.

    1. You do warm up earlier than us and this year, winter seems to keep coming back. I'm way behind in planting new things. Thanks for visiting. The front garden will be an on going project but we are excited to see it come together.


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