Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Different Chairs

My wonderful husband and I have been talking about getting Adirondack chairs for several years.  We just could never find a design we both liked.  This spring, one of our local hardware stores brought in three different Adirondack chair styles.  We tried them all.  I liked the one that is made of recycled plastics.  WH liked the one that is made of wood and pre-painted.  We each got the style we liked choosing different colors and they are set up on the patio.  WH had to assemble his.  Mine was ready to go.  Mine is green.  His is blue.  The glider that has been on our patio for years is now by the vegetable garden.

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  1. I like by both of them. We live in rice growing country. No sitting out side for us.

  2. Hi, How are you? Any good trips recently? I was diagnosed with A-Fib in January ---so that has really put a damper on my love of hiking now... I'm on meds which control my heart rate --but the side effects of the meds cause as many problems as the A-Fib itself... Oh Well--I'm adjusting!!!!

    Love your new chairs---and your yard always looks so good...


  3. A perfect solution! And so much more fun to look at than "matchy-matchy". I can just picture you guys outside, enjoying your gardens in the cool of the evening...or during a good rain, soaking in the moisture in the air while the plants soak up the water in their roots.

    1. We try to eat out there once in a while. The birds don't think about us there much if we don't move suddenly and will come to the bird bath.


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