Planned Projects

sec 1:  remove temporary 'fences'
sec 2:  MAJOR REDO!!!
sec 8:  MAJOR REDO!!!
sec 9:  add some limestone ???
sec 11:  add some limestone

sec 2:  put house numbers on trash fence
sec 6:  add grape hyacinths (Oct '17)
sec 7:  add sun dial
sec 9:  replace concrete stepping stones with limestone stepping stones
sec 9:  add grape hyacinths (Oct '17)
sec 13:  move peach irises at edge of path (Aug '17)
sec 15: add tulips around purple butterfly (Oct '17)
sec 15: add hyacinths by boxwoods (Oct '17)
sec 15: add hyacinths by grape iris (Oct '17)
sec 15: add hyacinths under bridal wreath (Oct '17)
sec 15: add hyacinths around hog feeder (Oct '17)
sec 16:  restack limestone, etc.

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