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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1st 2014 Container Parade 6

Since we have more watering restrictions than normal, I cut back on the container plantings this year. 
I like to take photos of the containers through the growing season to show how they change.
This is part of the parade of containers for 2014.

Off to the far left an asparagus fern is trying to get into this photo.
The bottom tub has pansies and purple hyacinth bean vine.  The pansies will fade away as it gets hotter.  The bucket on top has purple fountain grass.  There is also a fleur de lis garden hose guide in the bottom tub as decoration.  There are also a few volunteer morning glories in the bottom tub.

purple fountain grass/asparagus fern/pansy/purple hyacinth bean vine/morning glory

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Red Pansies

April started out quite cold in the morning, but the afternoon was pleasant.  Still chilly, but no wind!

On Monday, I planted pansies in a large galvanized tub around a galvanized bucket.  Other plants will go in here too when it gets warmer.

I decided to go with the red pansies this year.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Pansies

It's time to shuffle the containers at Garden on Sherlock Street.  The houseplants are inside for winter.  I then shuffle the remaining outside containers to fill in the gaps this causes.

This year, I purchased pansies for the fall for the first time.  The tag 'guarantees' they will survive winter and bloom again in the spring.  We'll see.
I'm going to leave my purple fountain grass containers outside this winter (the grass always dies, but it'll be more interesting to have the dry grass sitting there than nothing this winter).  I've tucked the container of pansies in between where I used to have a clay container (clay can't stay outside here in the winter.)  

Grow pansies, grow!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pansies In A Broken Pot

If you've been a long time reader of Garden on Sherlock Street, you are probably familiar with the flower tower I planted each year.

Last year, it was especially beautiful which was so appreciated as most of the garden struggled in the heat.
I made extra sure to water it each day.

file photo

Then, one windy day last September, it came crashing down.  I was very sad.\
I saved the plants as best I could so I could harvest the seeds from the purple hyacinth bean vine.\
I was successful and have enough seeds to plant this year.

file photo

Most of the pots were in pieces.
Except for the base which I saved.  I just hoped it would be useful somehow.

I spotted pansies available in the store today and brought some home.
One batch is in the pot from the bottom of the flower tower.

Another batch is in this little pot by the front door.

After they settle in a bit, I take their glamour shots.

In other garden news, I cleaned up some more beds in the back garden.  I see many plants sprouting.
I'm really looking forward to tulips!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blooms And Bunny

The month of May is crazy for us with family gatherings, celebrations, etc., etc.

So, let's take a moment to just enjoy the blooms at Garden on Sherlock Street.

The pansies are working overtime producing blooms to greet visitors by the front door.

The front walk is bordered by daisies.

The moonshine yarrow is trying to claim space from the front walk.

The salvia along the driveway decided to get in the show almost overnight.  The butterflies and bees love this salvia.

I swear it put up these blooms overnight.

In the back garden, the clematis is performing like never before.  It is all the way to the top of its trellis.

The primrose Oenothera speciosus "Rosea' has surrounded a bird bath and creates a lovely pink glow in the corner.

And, what is hiding in the bouncing betties?

A bunny!

A bouncing betty bunny.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Putting A Happy Face Out There

I was very happy with the pansies I planted last year.  They were my first ones.
While out on errands this past Saturday, I found pansies for sale and brought a pack home.

Perfect happy pansy faces for the front porch.

The pansies are happy because we've received some nice rain recently!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Many Container Plantings

I have a lot of containers.  Here's a quick tour of the plantings.

Bacopa in the top three tiers of the flower tower and purple hyacinth bean plants in the bottom container.

Hanging baskets with petunias and vinca vine starts, a large container of a wave petunia and a container of purple fountain grass.

Two containers with Martha Washington geraniums.

The pansies looking kind of leggy and wind blown.


A container of various sweet potato vines.  (I also took cuttings from these plants and have starts of sweet potato vine tucked in the shrub borders and flower beds--free plants).

Two buckets of red petunias.

Purple basil from my friend Melanie.  I like the contrast with the wicker basket.

Purple fountain grass.

The water container with hornwort and snails.  All my fish died.  :-(

An asparagus fern by the house, caladiums in the rectangular container and a cacti in front.

A large ice plant to the right, geraniums in the oval container (the sweet peas I planted in there did not sprout), some vinca in the bucket, a small container of Jacob's coat and some rosemary I'm trying to start from seed.

Some geraniums in the small containers, nicotina seeds in the black container (starting to worry they're not coming) and a mix of flowers in the big tub including a sweet potato vine start, some dianthus, a Jacob's coat, some ice plant, purple elephant ears and a large allium stalk.  I cut the allium stalk off after it bloomed in the front garden to give the bulb more energy, but I couldn't just toss it.  I stuck it in here to enjoy for a while.  You can only see the bottom of the sphere at the top of the photo.

Ice plant, ivy geranium, an amaryllis, some weak looking impatiens, some more geraniums (reds and whites) and in the trash cans---Jacob's coat, verbena and ice plant.

Hanging baskets with petunias, rose moss and calibrocha.

Baskets with asparagus fern, ivy geraniums and rose moss.  These were suppose to hang from a shepperd's hook by the back patio, but ended up being too heavy for the hook.

I also have a mother-in-law's tongue, an aloe vera and the angel wing begonia in containers outside.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Pansies. Ever.

I don't know why, but I have never had pansies at Garden on Sherlock Street before Saturday.
We were running errands Saturday morning and there were pansies for sale at one of our favorite stores. 

I brought a pack home.  They have a place by the front door.